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Dr. Anand Muller Pattan – Sr. Consultant – Urology and Urosurgery, India

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About Dr. Anand Muller Pattan

Consultant in urology obtained his MBBS in 1987 and MS in General Surgery in 1991, from the Kasturba Medical College Mangalore. He passed out of MBBS with a 4th rank in the University. He Subsequently moved to Kasturba Medical College, Manipal where he worked in the Department of Surgery for two years before taking up Senior Registrars position in the Department of Urology in 1994 for the 3years MCh programme. After completing his MCh in the "state of the art" Department of Urology ,he worked in KMC Mangalore heading the Division of Urology at the University Medical Centre ,KMC Mangalore till 2000. During his training period he was awarded the prestigious Wiest Empire prize in urodynamics at the USICON National Conference 1995, Bangalore, his paper was selected for the International Continence Society meeting at Athens, Greece. From 2001 to 2004 he performed advanced urological procedures at the Saumya Apollo Hospitals, Vijayawada, where he was the Chief Urologist ,and also has the credit of establishing the Department of Urology at the GSL Medical college, Rajahmundry,Andhra Pradesh. He is in Bangalore from 2004, and has established himself as a popular, ethical and competent Urologist. He has constantly upgraded himself attending Workshops and Conferences both at national and International levels. He is one of the few urologist well versed in the complex Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate. He is well known as a teacher for both undergraduate and post graduate and has trained several urologists under him. He worked as the chief urologist RG.stone Clinic in 2008-2009. He has pioneered his own technique of minimally invasive surgery without the use of conventional laparoscopic equipment. Many complicated and complex cases are referred to him from neighbouring cities and towns and also from other states. He has the distinctions of treating several international patients from the U.K, U.S.A and African Countries. He has several publications and presentations as various national and International fora and has been invited to lecture by several organizations.

Areas of expertise :

  • Laser applications in urology

  • RIRS (Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery)

  • Laser prostatectomy (HOLEP)

  • Laparoscopic /Minimal access Urology

  • Endourology TURP/TUR Bladder tumor

  • Ureteroscopy

  • Percutaneous renal store surgery (tubeless/mini PCNL etc.)

  • Reconstructive Urology – congenital problems, urethral stricture diseases.

  • Uro oncology

  • Paediatric Urology


  • M. Ch in Genito-Urinary Surgery (Urology)- Kasturba Medical College & Hospital, - Manipal, MAHE University - 1994 – 1997

  • MS – General Surgery - Kasturba Medical College & Hospital, - Manipal, Mangalore University - 1989 – 1991

  • MBBS - Kasturba Medical College & Hospital, - Manipal, Mangalore University - 1982 – 1987

AREAS OF INTEREST/STRENGTHS - One of the few Urologists in the country practicing HoLEP (Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostate)

  • Endourology
    Rich experience in lower urinary tract surgery, upper tract surgery, particularly percutaneous renal surgery with a large series of bilateral, complex and tubeless PCNLs

  • Laser Applications in Urology
    Exemplary experience in the use of Holmium laser for urological procedures like prostate and "stone" surgeries

  • Reconstructive Urology
    Vast experience in urethral stricture surgery, hypospadias procedures and paediatric reconstructive procedures for congenital abnormalities

  • Minimal Access Surgery/Laparoscopy
    Extensive experience in minimal access surgery – have devised own technique of endoscopy aided "keyhole surgery" Experienced in laparoscopic ablative and reconstructive procedures


  • First Rank, M. Ch, 1997(MAHE –Deemed University)

  • Empire-Weist Urodynamics Prize, 1996

  • (Best National Urodynamics Paper of the Year) Selected for International Continence Society Meet – Greece Awarded Best Paper Prize (Urological Association of Kerala), 1995

  • First Rank, MS – General Surgery, 1991(Mangalore University)

  • Fourth Rank, MBBS, 1987 (Mangalore University)


  • Honorary Professor of Urology - NU Hospitals, Bangalore - 2006 – Till Date

  • Associate Professor of Urology - GSL Medical College, Rajhamundry - 2003 – 2004

  • Associate Professor of Urology - Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore - 1998 – 2001

  • Associate Professor of Urology - Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore - 1997 – 1998

  • Lecturer in Surgery - Kasturba Medical College, Manipal - 1992 – 1994

  • Tutor In Anatomy - Department of Anatomy, - Kasturba Medical College & Hospital, Manipal - 1988 – 1989


  • Chief Urologist - RG Stone Urology Centre, Bangalore - In charge of the Urology department which includes

  • in/out-patient management, managing state-of-the-art Laser Urology and Endourology - 2008 – 2009

  • Consultant Urologist - Manipal Hospital (and allied hospitals), Bangalore 2004 – Till Date - In charge of in/out patient management in tertiary care hospital - 2004 – 2008

  • Associate Professor & Head - Department of Urology, GSL Medical College, Rajhamundry - Undergraduate teaching and managing in/out patient facilities - 2003 – 2004

  • Consultant & Chief of Urology - Saumya Apollo Hospitals, Vijayawada - Managing in/out patient facilities in a tertiary care hospital - 2001 – 2003

  • Associate Professor of Urology - Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore - Undergraduate/postgraduate teaching and managing in/out patient facilities in a tertiary care hospital - 1998 – 2001

  • Assistant Professor of Urology - Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore - Undergraduate/postgraduate teaching, managing in/out patient facilities in a tertiary care hospital - 1997 – 1998

  • Senior Registrar - Department of Urology, - Kasturba Medical College, Manipal - Managing in/out patient facilities in a tertiary care hospital.Training for M.Ch - 1994 – 1997

  • Lecturer in Surgery - Department of Surgery, - Kasturba Medical College, Manipal -
    Undergraduate/Postgraduate teaching. Managing in/out patient facilities in a tertiary care hospital - 1992 – 1994

  • Senior Houseman - Department of Urology, - St. John's Medical College, Bangalore - Managing in/out patient facilities in a tertiary care hospital - 1988 – 1988

  • Internship - St. John's Medical College, Bangalore - 1987 – 1988


  • "Unusual Adrenal Tumour" - UAK Annual Conference, Mangalore - 1990

  • "Cushing's Syndrome" - UAK Annual Conference, Mangalore - 1990

  • "Uroflowmetry in Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction" - MS General Surgery Thesis Presentation - 1991

  • "Is Nocturnal Enuresis Pathologically Benign All The Time? A Urodynamic Appraisal" - UAK Annual Conference, Manipal (Awarded best paper) - 1995

  • "Suicidal Tendencies Amongst Patients With Urological Disorder" - UAK Annual Conference, Mangalore - 1995

  • "Ice-Water Cystometry – An Adjunct With Discriminating Value In The Evaluation Of Overactive Detrusor Dysfunction" - UAK Annual Conference, Mangalore - 1996

  • "Is Adjuvant Therapy Needed For Scrotal Violation In Testicular Tumours?" - UAK Annual Conference, Trichur, Kerala - 1996

  • "Adult Hirchsprung's Disease" - ASI, Mysore - 1993

  • "Pneumatosis – Cystoides – Intestinalis" - ASI, Mysore - 1993

  • "Voiding Dysfunction Capable Of Upper Tract Damage - AnUnderestimated Facet Of Cerebral Palsy" - USICON, Bangalore - 1996

  • "Role Of Uroflowmetry In Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction - MS General Surgery Thesis - 1991

  • "Pelvic Malignant 'Haemangiopericytoma' An Entity, A Urologist Ought To Know - 1996

  • "Renovascular Resistive Index Differential (Rid) – A Useful Functional Parameter - In Post-Pyeloplasty Setting" - USI, Chandigarh - 1998

  • "Indigenously Made " Snap- Gauge" Device In Detection Of - Nocturnal Penile Tumescence" - USI, Chandigarh - 1998

  • "Is TRU-CUT Biopsy Preferable To Cystoscopic Cup Biopsy In Children With Pelvic Rhabpomysosarcoma" - 1998

  • "Utility of Transperineal Ultrasound in the Diagnosis and Initial Management of Impacted Calculi in the Posterior Urethra" "Failed Catheterisation - A Growing Menace" - Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore - 1998

  • Elimination Versus Excision of Retrocaval Segment in a Situation Of Preureteral - Cava – Pros and Cons" - 1998

  • "Post Radical Nephrectomy Hypermesis Unusual but a Distressing Complication" - Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore - 1997

  • "Vesical Aspergilloma" - Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore - 1999

  • "Post Freyer's Prostatectomy Vanishing Bladder" - Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore - 1998

  • "Endourological Intervention In Von Willebrand Disease" - Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore - 1998

  • "Delayed Repair of an Intraperitoneal Bladder Injury Missed Thrice!!" - Kasturba Medical College, Bangalore - 1998


  • "Management of Benign Prostatic Enlargement" - IMA, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, Mangalore - 2002

  • "Management of Urological Trauma-Poly Trauma CME" - Saumya Apollo Hospital, Vijayawada - 2002

  • "Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction" - UROEVENT, Chhaya Nursing Home, Bangalore - 2004

  • "Urology – Past, Present and Future" - Nightingales Elders' Centre, Bangalore - 2004

  • "Common Problem in Urology" - Canara Union Study Circle, Bangalore - 2004

  • "Urinary Problems in the Elderly" - Canara Union Study Circle, Bangalore - 2005

  • "Holmium Laser Applications in Urology" - RG Stone Urology, Taj Westend, Bangalore - 2008

  • "Urinary Problems in the Elderly" - Senior Citizen Association, Bangalore - 2009

  • "HoLEP in Management of BPH - RG Stone Urology,Taj Residency,Bangalore - 2009

  • "Holmium Laser Prostatectomy CME" - ESI Hospital, Indiranagar, Bangalore - 2009

  • "21st Century Urology CME" - API Bhavan, Bangalore - 2009

  • "HoLEP in Patients Unsuitable for TUR-P Monthly CME" - API Bhavan, Bangalore - 2009

  • "Laser Applications in Urology NIMA CME" - Suguna Hospital, Bangalore - 2009

  • "HoLEP in Patients with Cardiac Pacemakers" - 2009

  • "HoLEP in Patients Unfit for Conventional Prostate Surgery" - 2009

  • " Current concepts in the Management of Urinary Stone Disease" - IMA' Channapattana - 2010
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