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Apollo Hospital, Kolkata


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Home > Apollo Hospital, Kolkata > Testimonials

Testimonials of patients at Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata

Patient Name: - Mr. Manish Garg

Place : Sahibabad

Speciality : Endocrinology

[ Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad ]

"The hospital staff and doctors were very co-operative. Doctors have given the right advice to the patient. I felt very good in the hospital"

Patient Name : Mr. S.N. Aggarwal

Place : New Delhi

Procedure : Urological Procedure

[ Apollo Hospitals Delhi ]

"In this world everything needs improvement in general, but in your hospital I find that continuous improvement round the clock is going on which should be kept up. Its really a world-class experience for me"

Patient Name : Mr. Kumarasamy

Place : Chennai

Procedure : Angiography

[ Apollo Hospitals Chennai ]

"This is a wonderful hospital. The doctors & support staff are very co-operative and amiable. The way in which medical treatment is rendered at Apollo Chennai with a humane touch is extremely praiseworthy"

Patient Name : Mrs. Radha Rani Haridwar

Place : Uttaranchal

Procedure : Bypass Surgery

[ Apollo Hospitals Delhi ]

"I am grateful for the top class facility provided to me at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals"

Patient Name : Mr. Suresh Mehta

Procedure : Removal of Humerus Plate & fixation of Middle Condylar Pillar

[ Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad ]

I was a patient for Ortho Surgery. I had an opportunity to know the functioning of the hospital in detail. Management is Excellent. Staff treatment to patients is remarkable & worthy. Patients gain confidence from the treatment. I am sure by passage of time the institution will be unchallenged in the state.

Patient Name : Baby Mayuri

Procedure : Chemotherapy for Brain Tumor

[ Apollo Speciality Hospitals Chennai ]

Mayuri's Mother) I think I handed over Mayuri to Dr. Raja in a closed state. I never expected Mayuri to be like this in a few hundred days.

Patient Name : Mr. Rajendra Choksi

Procedure : Chemotherapy

[ Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad ]

"I find this hospital very neat and clean. They provide me with good medical services. This is where I specifically need to mention the extreme care shown by the doctor and his team. This is one of the best hospitals in this entire region."

Patient Name: Baby Khizar Raza

Procedure: Heart Surgery

Location : Pakistan

"We were so frightened. But today, we leave with happiness in our minds and gratitude in our hearts for all those who helped here at Apollo Hospitals. When Khizar felt better, he kept asking for Biryani. I wasn't sure where I could get this for him. But I didn't have to go far, for even this delicious meal was found in the canteen at Apollo Hospitals. The hospital staff looked into every detail for my child and my family. I think it is wonderful to have such a magnificent medical facility here at Apollo Hospitals."

Ms. Patricia Justice

Independence, MO, USA.

Treating Doctor : Dr. Shahin Nooreyezdan

                                  Dr. Tarun Prakash

"We found out about Apollo through research on the net. We had many questions and concerns - all of which were answered promptly and with professionalism. Upon arrival at Apollo we were greeted with care and always had a sense that help was always there. My doctors had been superb! They are great men who understand the meaning of giving care to their patients. Thank you so much to Dr. Tarun Prakash and Dr. Shahin Nooreyezdan. Also we could not have done this without the International Marketing staff and a big 'Thank you' to all the staff who helped us while we were getting our Whole Body Check-up done. All the staff were great - nurses, housekeeping, Food & Beverage services. Always willing to help and make sure we were comfortable. Will definitely recommend Apollo!! Thank you.

Ms. Donna Waldron , Nevada

April 23, 2007

Treating Doctor : Dr. A.K. Kriplani

                                  Gastric Bypass Surgery

Hospital care is excellent. Nurses are the finest in the world. I have never been so pampered and looked after. Rekha Nair is an angel and could not have provided better care.

Name: Cat Lalonde

Country: USA

I have found that people of India and especially here in the Apollo to be good natured and friendly. If one just happens to have to be sick, I do believe that this is the best place to get great care from warmest, sincerely nice people.

Branches of Apollo Hospitals in India : -

Apollo Hospital Chennai Apollo Hospital, Chennai, India
Apollo Specialty Hospital Chennai Apollo Specialty Hospital, Chennai, India
Apollo Hospitals Bangalore Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore, India
Apollo Hospitals Ahmadabad Apollo Hospitals, Ahmadabad, India
Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, India
Apollo Hospitals Kolkata Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata, India
Apollo Hospitals Goa Apollo Victor Hospitals, Goa, India
Apollo Hospitals Delhi Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi, India

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