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Hip Resurfacing and Arthroplasty

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Hip Resurfacing and Arthroplasty at Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) / Surface Arthroplasty of Hip : -

Surface Arthroplasty of Hip (Birmingham Hip / ASR)

Total Hip Replacement has been a revolutionary surgery in orthopedics. Millions of people, attained pain free mobilization following this surgery. However, with the conventional hip replacement there are reservations about this procedure in relatively younger people because of the amount of bones to be scarified and need for reversion surgery later on.

Hip Resurfacing Surgery (BHR Surgery) has come as a boon for younger patients, resulting in very little bone loss and almost normal unrestricted movements and functions following this procedure.

This can also be done in relatively older patients (up to 65 years) if bone stock is good and there are no other contraindications to Surface Arthroplasty of Hip. Certain criteria must be met for suitability of Surface Arthroplasty such as BHR / ASR.

Combination of two or more of following would make Surface Arthroplasty unsuitable : -

  • Femoral head cyst > 1cm.
  • Decreased bone mineral density.
  • Lateral head-neck remodeling; (Loss of contour of lateral head-neck).
  • Poor shape / biomechanics.
  • Short femoral neck < 2 cm.
  • Shallow or small acetabulum.
  • Poor head to neck ratio.

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Who needs Hip Resurfacing ?

Conventional Hip Replacement Birmingham Hip Resurfacing
Suitable for Elderly Patients. Suitable for Younger Patients.
Head of femur (thigh bone) removed. Bone not removed.
Articulation is metal with plastic. Articulation is metal with metal.
Wears our rapidly in young and active patients. 'Everlasting' - based on 35 year history in Birmingham of metal on metal articulation.
Activity restriction required after surgery for fear of dislocation. Activity restriction not required after surgery as there is hardly any risk of dislocation (can sit on floor ,squat, use Indian toilet ,etc).
Sport not advised as the usage is inversely proportional the life of the hip replacement. Sport and High demand activities encouraged as usage is not related to life of resurfacing implant.
Revision surgery invariably necessary in younger patients. Revision surgery not Required for younger patients.

The outstanding problem in conventional Hip Replacement is the young active patient with an arthritic hip. The problem is worse if the patient is male (higher loosening rates with THR), has an active job and wishes to play sport or engage in physical activity to keep himself healthy.

The BIRMINGHAM HIP Resurfacing System (BHR) is the global market leading hip resurfacing system with over 60,000 implantations worldwide. Introduced in 1997, the BIRMINGHAM HIP Resurfacing System was designed using knowledge gained from first generation metal-on-metal total hips and a thorough understanding of hip resurfacing principles. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi has pioneered in many Orthopaedic procedures like Hip and Knee Replacements and specialise in BIRMINGHAM HIP Resurfacing & Disc Replacements.

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